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An effective solution for high temperature demagnetization of NdFeB magnets

Release time: 2020-06-22

Source: Shanghai Richmag Electronics Co., Ltd.

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An effective solution for high temperature demagnetization of NdFeB magnets

  Iron boron, also known as NdFeB magnet, is a tetragonal crystal formed of neodymium, iron, and boron (Nd2Fe14B). Later, Sumitomo Special Metals developed the powder metallurgy process. General Motors has successfully developed the melt-spinning process, which can produce NdFeB magnets. This magnet is the most powerful permanent magnet and the most commonly used rare earth magnet.

  NdFeB can be maintained for a long time at normal temperature, but it is well-known to demagnetize at high temperatures. The combination of the cost and performance of NdFeB magnets makes them popular choices for the use of traditional magnets and the creation of new product applications In the case of a sharp increase in existing strength, it allows the use of a smaller magnet, which is advantageous for most designs.

  The handling procedures of NdFeB magnets at high temperature need to be careful, because NdFeB magnets are easy to demagnetize at high temperatures. Below we will work with you to explore the problem of high temperature demagnetization of NdFeB magnets. Due to the high content of NdFeB in NdFeB magnets, they are also easily oxidized, so the various coatings that meet these conditions depend on the operating environment of NdFeB magnets.

  The reason why NdFeB will produce demagnetization in high temperature environment is determined by its own physical structure. The reason why a general magnet can generate a magnetic field is because the electrons carried by the substance itself rotate around the atom in accordance with the direction, thereby generating a magnetic field force, which in turn affects the surrounding related affairs. However, the rotation of electrons around atoms in a given direction is also limited by temperature conditions. Different magnetic materials can withstand different temperatures. In the case of too high temperatures, electrons will deviate from the original orbit, causing chaos. At this time, the magnetic The local magnetic field of the material will be disrupted, resulting in demagnetization.

  The temperature resistance of the powerful NdFeB magnets is about two Baidu, that is, if it exceeds two Baidu, the demagnetization phenomenon will occur. If the temperature is higher, the demagnetization phenomenon will be more serious.

  Several solutions to the high temperature demagnetization of neodymium iron boron magnets

   1. Do not put NdFeB magnet products in excessively high temperature, especially pay attention to its critical temperature, that is, two Baidu, adjust its working environment temperature in time, can minimize the occurrence of demagnetization.

  Second, it is to start with technology to improve the performance of products using iron boron magnets, so that it can have a more temperature structure, not easily affected by the environment.

3. You can also choose a high coercivity material with the same magnetic energy product. If it doesn’t work, you can only sacrifice a little magnetic energy product and find a higher coercivity material with a lower magnetic energy product. If you can’t, you can choose to use samarium cobalt. For reversible demagnetization, only samarium cobalt is selected.