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How to control the product quality of NdFeB permanent magnets

Release time: 2020-06-22

Source: Shanghai Richmag Electronics Co., Ltd.

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How to control the product quality of NdFeB permanent magnets

   NdFeB permanent magnet is also called modern industrial monosodium glutamate. As an important high-performance magnetic material for modern industry, it promotes the progress of contemporary technology and society. It is widely used in various fields. How to judge the most comprehensive advantages of permanent magnet products: 1. Yes; two, the size of the magnet; three, the surface coating.

  Magnetic properties

   First, the key to the decision is to control the magnetic properties of the raw materials in the production process.

   1. According to the business requirements or mid-range or low-grade sintered NdFeB, the company only sells high-grade NdFeB.

  2. The advanced nature of the production process also determines the performance quality of the magnet.

  3. Quality control during production is very important.

  Magnet shape size and tolerance value

  Using various shapes of neodymium iron boron magnets, such as round, irregular, square, tile, trapezoid. Materials of different sizes are processed with different machine tools to cut rough materials. Advanced technology and machine operators determine the accuracy of products.

 Surface coating treatment

  The plating quality of the surface coating, zinc, nickel, nickel-copper nickel plating copper and gold plating process. Products can be plated according to customer requirements. A brief summary of the quality of NdFeB products is to grasp the performance, control the dimensional tolerances, and judge the appearance inspection and evaluation of the coating. Testing the Gaussian surface of the magnetic flux of the magnet and other tests; dimensional tolerances, accuracy that can be measured with vernier calipers; coating, color and brightness of the coating, and coating adhesion, and the appearance of the magnet surface can be observed by the appearance, whether there are spots, or not Cut corners to evaluate the quality of the product.